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HMRC Tax investigation is a necessary part of UK government but can become time-consuming and even costly for individuals and businesses alike, who find themselves unable to appropriately fulfill their all governmental obligations with regards to their income tax reporting.

Most of us are able to avoid such instances in general, but because you may not be of the contravention of any regulations or requirements, or the tax authority may even select you at random- you can soon find yourself the target of a tax investigation process.

You may find that you are a victim of a tipoff by a disgruntled employee, your income may for any reason substantially have increased over a short period, or as everyone does from time to time, you may have simply made an error while filing your tax return.

Whatever the reason may be for your needing tax accounting assistance, the important thing is that you should always seek expert advice in such a situation so as not to further complicate your life or harm your business. ASpecialist Tax Accountants are best suited to guide you through this often painstaking process and in the process help advise you of how to improve your operations to avoid similar situations in the future.

What We Do

At Tax Accountant, we assist individuals or businesses from all over the United Kingdom with any tax-related services as may be required on a regular or periodic basis. Even though we offer a wide range of tax accounting services, as intermediaries between you or your business and the tax authorities (HMRC), we specialise in cases involving tax investigations and appeals.