Qualified Tax Accountants

About US
  Qualified Accountants with a proactive approach. We work hard to provide each and every client with a bespoke and cost-effective tax planning and business advice.

01. Qualified Accountants

Our team consists of Qualified Accountants with industry known qualifications of ACA, ACCA, AFA, and CTA. We fully adhere to our regulators bye-laws and uphold the highest standard of values and ethics. 

02. Tax Advisors

We as Tax advisors have more than 20 years of experience looking after tax affairs of individuals and business in different industries. This versatile experience has equipped us with the most important skill i.e, know your client.

03. Two Decades of Experience

Different experience with different cases, nationally and internationally from the simple filling of tax returns to forensic audits and appearing as an expert witness in Courts on behalf of a client, all in one place.

What We Do

tax investigations

Depending upon the reason for the initiation of a tax investigation by HMRC, the scope of the investigation may vary.


full tax investigation

Full Tax Investigation is an inquiry where HMRC will investigate full Tax record of the business. LEARN MORE

random tax inquiry

A Random Tax Investigation is an enquiry that is randomly performed on the tax return of an individual or business. LEARN MORE

tax appeals

Upon completion of a tax investigation, you may disagree with findings which have been made by the HMRC. LEARN MORE

specific tax expertise

During the tax investigation or appeal process we assist with various aspects and in various cases, such as investigations LEARN MORE

Tax Avoidance Disclosure

Tax avoidance is the deliberate arrangement of one’s finances using legal methods to lower tax liability. LEARN MORE

Our Story

This tax practice was solely formed with only one moto and that is to provide excellent service to taxpayers and individuals who find it difficult to understand what needs to be done in order to comply with the law.

The Accountancy Solutions and Tax Accountant came into being in 2010. Situated in Birmingham we have served clients nationally and internationally. We work with passionate business owners and property investors who have a thirst for knowledge and drive to build an amazing business. We are passionate about helping you grow. Through regular monthly or quarterly review meetings we analyse your progress compared to our agreed plan and set you targets for our next review – all with the aim to achieve your personal, business and investment goals.

Who We Are

experience counts

We have years of specialized experience in tax investigations and appeals and are highly capable of minimizing any risk LEARN MORE

Operational Knowledge

During this process, we endeavor to first understand your Business Operational Knowledge of the internal structure … LEARN MORE

supportive approach

Even though we are experts in our field, we try to provide our services and guidance in a supportive manner … LEARN MORE

facts and evidence

When it comes to sensitive issues, such as tax investigations and related problems, the nature of the complications … LEARN MORE

follow tax law

In addition to following a strict professional code, we are highly knowledgeable and have vast experience in UK Tax Law … LEARN MORE

Excellent negotiation

Our specialization as tax accountants extends to any needed assistance with various negotiations … LEARN MORE


Whatever your question or inquiry is – we would urge you to contact us for absolutely free advice.  We aim to answer your every question regarding Tax Investigation or Tax Inquiry absolutely free of cost and think as a moral responsibility towards the community.