business operational knowledge


During this process, we endeavor to first understand your Business Operational Knowledge, with regards to the internal structure, day to day operations, products and services as well as the general business environment. 

This will usually start out by first understanding the history of the business as well as business various persons and concerns which the business may have dealings with. We will also then familiarise ourselves with the owner(s) and directors of the business as they may also become part of a tax investigation.

This places us in the best position to properly take care of your tax accounting needs and provide you with meaningful insight and advice on how to structure your business operations in such a manner as to minimize the risk of any negative tax repercussions. Because we take the time to properly familiarise ourselves with your business, we are also able to customize solutions which will best suit your needs, as the tax environment can often be complex and thus one size does not fit all.

tax investigations

Depending upon the reason for the initiation of a tax investigation by HMRC, the scope of the investigation may vary.


full tax investigation

Full Tax Investigation is an inquiry where HMRC will investigate full Tax record of the business.


random tax inquiry

A Random Tax Investigation is an enquiry that is randomly performed on the tax return of an individual or business.


tax appeals

Upon completion of a tax investigation, you may disagree with findings which have been made by the HMRC.


specific tax expertise

During the tax investigation or appeal process we assist with various aspects and in various cases, such as investigations


Tax Avoidance Disclosure

Tax avoidance is the deliberate arrangement of one’s finances using legal methods to lower tax liability.



Whatever your question or inquiry is – we would urge you to contact us for absolutely free advice.  We aim to answer your every question regarding Tax Investigation or Tax Inquiry absolutely free of cost and think as a moral responsibility towards the community.