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During the tax investigation or appeal process we assist with various aspects and in various cases, such as investigations involving tax avoidance investigations which can deal with failure to disclose tax avoidance schemes or promotion of tax avoidance schemes. We also assist clients with tax evasion investigations during which you can become criminally liable for any serious transgressions.

We help you in avoiding and minimising any potential penalties or punishments which can be brought against you during a criminal investigation. We also ensure that you are afforded your due rights during such processes and that the actions of any unit of the HRC does not infringe on those rights.

When tax penalties are brought against you or your business, this can become extremely affair and you may find yourself unable to make the required payments within the necessary time frames. In such situations we intervene through negotiating with tax authorities in order to help reduce your penalties, and/or negotiate more flexible payment plans which enable you to meet these financial obligations without risking further financial repercussions.

For all of these above mentioned services and expertise which we provide, we also help you and your business identify and implement measures which not will not only improve its planning, functioning and administration; we also endeavour to reduce any future risks of contravention of tax laws and regulations.

We are aim to provide you with the highest level of services for any and all tax related accounting and consultancy requirements. This provides your financial future with improved resilience and superior functioning and thus enables you to avoid any unintentional mistakes which can cost you precious time and money. If you are unsure about anything related to you tax returns, contact our specialist and they will assist you in determining if you may be in need of our services.