Types of Investigations

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Types of Investigations

HMRC has the right to launch an enquiry into the tax affairs of any individual, small business or other organisation. The main aim of a tax investigation is to assess a financial situation and claim any tax liabilities that have gone undeclared. Investigative contact from HMRC can occur for several reasons of varying severity; either because there is sufficient evidence to suggest tax fraud, or as part of random routine investigation.

HMRC are likely to ask for documentary evidence and explanations for the information you have given in your most recent tax returns. Tax investigations may also require an in-person meeting with HMRC to make it easier to explain your circumstances. While it is not a legal obligation to attend these meetings, HMRC does have legal power to use when necessary, and can force you to declare the information required.

Compliance with HMRC’s investigative process will help speed it along and potentially reduce any charges you might owe for mistakes made. Provide accurate information and honest answers to the questions asked as you may later be penalised for giving false information.

Consider speaking to a tax advisor if you require more help in dealing with an upcoming tax investigation to receive advice on how best to deal with HMRC, how to assemble the information they may need, and ensure you receive a fair assessment of your taxes.

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It can be stressful to receive a tax audit, but there are several steps you can take to make sure you comply with HMRC’s tax legislation and ensure financial and legal security for your finances. Read on for more information on what each investigation type entails, and how you can easily comply with HMRC to ensure the process runs smoothly.